Scientific Director

Amy Jaramillo

I've been active in the American Academy of AntiAging since 2010 and was invited to join as a thought leader in the Founder’s Group of the International Peptide Society in 2018 and continues to be an integral part.

I am The Ultimate Biohacker™, the interface between science and medicine. I leverage the most accurate tests with Advanced Symptom Analysis Techniques (ASAT) to get to the bottom of health issues.


Biosciences, namely biology and chemistry, are so important to understanding the body, how it gets healthy, how it gets sick, and how medications work. Biosciences fill in the “how” and “why” which is essential to determine the root cause of health problems. This process opens the door for cures rather than simply treatments. The problem: biosciences are rarely part of the health process...

I am the “how” and “why” person when it comes to health, the Biohacker of Bioscience, I am the Ultimate Biohacker.

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