Genetic testing is the process by which a person’s DNA or chromosomes are analyzed for the presence of particular DNA sequences that encode for traits.  Testing is performed by blood, saliva or cheek cells.  Protein levels or protein function can also be used as an indirect measurement of gene function. 

Knowing your unique genetics, aka your body’s blueprint, gives you the power to understand how your body works and why it works that way.  It provides you with the power to make decisions to help your body thrive.

Your body is unique and the more you know about its genetic make-up the better you will be at making decisions about your health and wellness. 

  • You can optimize your health and nutrition with our Genetic Markers for Weight Loss panel 

  • You can determine your risk of heart disease and stroke with our Metabolic Health Factors panel

  • You can make the best choices about medications  that are right for you with our Medication Selection DNA panel

  • You can determine you risk of metabolic conditions with our Metabolic Risk panel

  • Understand why you gain weight and how to lose it with our Genetic Nutrition panel

  • Healthy Kids Panel for the best management of Spectrum Conditions, ADHD, ADD and anxiety disorders.  This panel provides genetic in-sites to help with best medication choices, food choices and lifestyle choices for kids who have been diagnosed or for those that are having difficulty in school or with social situations.  


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