ALS Program

Neuro-muscular conditions require three areas of treatment focus (1) providing nutrition to the muscles in the form of amino acids (2) providing energy to the cells and their mitochondria; sometimes in the form of NAD depending on your stage (3) peptides (i.e. signalers) to improve neuron survivability and reduce neuron death. The first day consists of a health discovery meeting where we identify and prioritize the rest of the week’s protocol and personalize it to your specific needs. 

What are the steps

1. Start by Completing our Intake Form Here

2. Complete the Credit Card authorization form (a link will be provided after the Intake form is completed)
3. Once the authorization form is completed please schedule the video conference (link provided after credit card authorization is completed)

4. Once the Video Conference is completed, we will be able to schedule you for the onsite treatment.

Why do I need the videoconference? 

The videoconference is a medical consultation where we analyzed the form you filled up, any labs, medicines and any other medical records you would like to send us. You can also have other people join the conference from different places if anyone has questions or concerns.
The videoconference is not intended to provide procedural training. It is a medical consultation for the patient to make sure the treatment will be safe and effective, and the reason we ask that you have your medical history and medications list available. 
This office provides translation for English and Spanish ONLY, if you do not speak either we require that you provide a translator during the conference call and during your visit to our clinic.
The cost of the videoconference is $350 and it is separate from the cost of the treatment, you will only be charged after the conference is completed.

Who is NOT a candidate for this program?  
Our therapy requires both IV and localized injections. People with a history of coagulation issues, people on blood thinners, and people with uncontrolled or elevated blood pressure are not good candidates.


What are the weekly program options? 
1.    Weekly treatment plan $3800
2.    Weekly amino acid plus treatment plan $4500


What Can I Expect in the Basic Weekly Plan? 
Every Monday: Health Assessment to target priority areas and set the week’s goals
Tuesday –  Friday:  Amino Acid Mapping Injections and IV therapy

What is the Amino Acid Plus Weekly Treatment Plan?  
We’ve added something great to our ALS intensive treatment, our new Amino Acid Plus Plan.  We are always working to improve outcomes in our ALS patients and now offer an expanded amino acid option in our injections for an additional $700 per week to increase muscle growth further.  You can upgrade to the Amino Acid Plus for $4500/week or choose the $3800 plan that offers great results. 

What is the Cost?  
The cost of your program depends on the specific treatment you receive.  An average cost for a week is $3800 - $4500 depending on whether you choose the basic program or Amino Acid Plus Program. During the assessment, we may recommend additional medications. These additional medications will be an additional cost. With NAD, for example, the cost would increase by $2000 - $4000.

Form of Payment

All treatments must be paid in full when medication is ordered, which is typically done when you advise us of your starting date. If your starting date is more than two weeks away, we will first ask for a $1000 deposit to secure your place. Then, once we are two weeks away from your starting date, we will order your medication in order to begin your treatment and the remaining balance is due the first Monday of treatment. We accept cash payments, all major credit cards, and wire transfers. 
There are no refunds for this program.


What Should I Bring?  
Bring hard copies of all medical records, even if you have emailed them or faxed us. Bring a list of ALL medications and supplements you take and the doses as well as a list of any medical treatments you have received over the past 3 years and all information on any trials you have participated in.

What to Wear.
We also ask that you wear shorts (athletic – the shorter the better) and a button-down shirt for men or sports bra for women. If you use a cane or walker, make sure to bring them.

Where to stay? 
We are located in the heart of Miami close to Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. You can search using our address: 2251 SW 27th Av. Miami FL 33145. 

For Any Questions and Appointments:


Fax: 305.901.2301

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