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Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy

Molecular medicine continues to grow in popularity as an increasing number of hard to treat diseases respond to these types of therapies. Multiple FDA approved molecular SOT treatments are available with impressive results in conditions that have otherwise been untreatable including Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Molekulare Medizin wird immer beliebter, da immer mehr schwer behandelbare Krankheiten auf diese Art von Therapien ansprechen. Mehrere von der FDA zugelassene molekulare SOT-Behandlungen sind mit beeindruckenden Ergebnissen bei Erkrankungen erhältlich, die ansonsten nicht behandelbar waren, einschließlich Duchenne-Muskeldystrophie und spinaler Muskelatrophie.

SOT, auch bekannt als unterstützende Oligonukleotidtherapie oder Antisense, ist eine bahnbrechende Therapie, die molekulare Bausteine (mRNA) verwendet, die natürlicherweise im eigenen Körper des Patienten vorkommen.  Es ist kein Medikament und es gibt keine Genmanipulation .  SOT zielt auf Genreplikationssequenzen ab, die die Replikation des Pathogens verhindern und die Infektion effektiv aus dem Körper eliminieren. SOT ist keine Immunbehandlung. Es verändert das Immunsystem nicht. Nebenwirkungen sind minimal, da es speziell für den Patienten hergestellt wird und daher sehr gut mit ihm verträglich ist. Diese Technologie hat eine Spezifität von 98 % für Zielgene wie die Lyme-Spirochäte und beeinträchtigt keine anderen menschlichen Zellen. 

SOT has already been used efficaciously in many diseases including HIV and multiple forms of cancer.  It has also been proven to be effective in various infectious diseases such as Lyme, HSV1, HSV2, CMV, HSV-6, Epstein-Barr (EBV) and others

Over 90% of the world’s population has been infected with one of these stealth or dormant infections, Epstein-Barr being one of the most common. Although some people never develop symptoms, many will suffer with generalized or non-descript immune symptoms that cause debilitating conditions including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Stealth infections are difficult for the body to defend against and equally as difficult for medications to target.  As a result, countless people live with these infections for decades. Many will remain sick without the use of molecular medicine (SOT) in spite of attempting traditional medical treatments.


At BodyScience we offer two SOT molecular treatment options, SOT and SOT Plus. An example of a patient who would benefit from SOT therapy is anyone with non-complicated Lyme disease or other non-complicated infections such as HSV or HPV. By comparison, SOT Plus provides additional support needed by individuals with more complex symptomatology; those with persistent or complex infections affecting the nervous and immune systems.  An example is someone who has been diagnosed with Lyme disease that has progressed into the nervous system exhibiting features of Motor Neuron dysfunction.

We provide collection kits that can be done in your home with a simple finger stick

The development of the SOT requires a positive test result within the last six months. Even if you have tested positive prior to the last six months, the test must be repeated.  We provide collection kits that can be done in your home with a simple finger stick.  The panels we use are extremely comprehensive and include a wide variety of tick born diseases as well as associated co-infections.  Pathogen detection is improved through the process of provocation (using antibiotics, prescription and/or herbal depending on patient preference and health conditions). 

Individuals with degenerative diseases including ALS, MS and Parkinson's Disease are often more vulnerable to the detoxification reaction known as Herxheimer or die-off.  This reaction can cause joint pain, fatigue, headaches, and flu-like symptoms which may be very mild or, in some cases, moderate to severe.  For this reason, especially in rapidly progressing degenerative disease, we recommend provocation at our facility.  We use (1)  IV therapies to provide muscular, neuron and immune support agents as well as (2) polychromatic light therapy to regulate and modulate the immune system.  This supportive therapy is imperative to control any adverse reactions and prevent disease progression.  We use IV antibiotics as opposed to oral when you come to our center, eliminating the risk of gut inflammation and neuron damage that is frequently the result of oral antibiotic use.  We do offer a home-base provocation protocol as well for those who are unable to come to our center.

SOT is also used to treat conditions that result from viral infections including Bell's and other types of facial palsies.  Since palsies are typically the result of a viral infection as opposed to tick born disease which is bacterial, provocation therapy is not required for infectious testing or for the development of the SOT molecule for facial palsy syndromes.

The SOT Process

A small amount of blood is drawn in our office to obtain the circulating pathogen.  It is sent to the laboratory where the pathogen is genetically deconstructed.  The sequences that control reproduction are identified and used to produce the specific Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy (SOT).  The completed SOT is shipped to our center and administered by IV infusion which takes an hour or less.  IV antihistamines and low dose steroids are given immediately prior to SOT administration in order to lessen the already rare chance of an allergic reaction and decrease the chance of SOT leakage.  SOT may be repeated up to three times per year if needed.  The main side effects of SOT are detox or "Herx" reactions (fatigue, body aches and headaches). The SOT Plus program includes peptide therapies as well as IV light therapy and IV antioxidant support needed by those with chronic, severe disease.


$2150 per SOT - Includes SOT Development and infusion, additional medications required for SOT administration and monitoring

Provocation Cost

$200 per day - This is typically a 21-day process and includes all medications, supportive therapies and monitoring but does not include polychromatic light therapy which is an additional $250/session, 2-3 sessions per week are recommended.  

More Information

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Chemistry of SOT

SOT kann für viele Bedingungen verwendet werden, einschließlich:

Lyme - verwandt



B. mayonii 

B. burgdorferi 

B. garinii 


B. bavariensis 

B. valaisiana 

B. afzelii 

B. finlandensis 

B. recurrentis 

B. genomospecies 

B. hermsii 

B. lusitaniae 

B. sinica 

Candidatus B. tachyglossi 

B. miyamotoi 


 B. henselae 

 B. bacilliformis 

 B. vinsonii 

 B. quintana 

 B. elizabethae 



B. microti 

B. bigemina 

B. divergens 

B. duncani 

B. bovis

IV Lichttherapie

Virus - Verwandt


HHV1/HSV1 — (Menschliches Simplex-Virus-oral-facial)

HHV2/HSV2 — (Humanes Simplex-Virus-Genital)

HHV6 (A & B) – (Menschliches Herpesvirus 6)

CMV – (Cytomegalovirus)

Coxsackie (Typ A & B)

VZV — Varizella-Zoster (Gürtelrose)

EBV — (Epstein Barr)

HPV (16/18) – Humanes Papillomavirus

HPV (6/11) – Humanes Papillomavirus

HBV — (Hepatitis B)

HCV – (Hepatitis C)

HIV — (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)-AIDS

HTLV1 – (Humanes T-Zell Lymphotropes Virus)

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