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We are a functional medical clinic, focusing on neurodegenerative diseases and the immune system's role in those diseases. 

We are the ones that look at the outcome of toxification and genetic toxicity.

Our specialty is cell repair for all types of neurodegenerative disorders with a special focus on ALS. We use the most promising therapies and bundle them in a unique combination for each person.


Neurodegenerative disorders are the result of damage that occurs at a cellular level. Our approach aims to restore cellular efficiency, repair oxidative stress, and enhance neuroprotection. We study cell structures in depth. We understand the urgency of finding solutions and offering treatments that work.

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases, rather than just treating symptoms. With a focus on neurodegenerative diseases and the immune system's role in those diseases, we adopt a unique and comprehensive approach to treating these complex conditions.

Our approach to healthcare focuses on understanding the underlying factors that contribute to the development and progression of a particular disease or condition. This approach recognizes that many diseases are complex and multifactorial, and that addressing only the symptoms of a disease may not be sufficient to achieve long-term health benefits.

Identifying the root causes of a disease may involve a range of diagnostic and testing techniques, including genetic testing, imaging, and laboratory tests. Some of the factors that can contribute to the development of a disease include genetics, lifestyle factors (such as diet and exercise), environmental exposures (such as pollution and toxins), and social determinants of health (such as poverty and access to healthcare).

By understanding and addressing these underlying factors, we can develop more effective treatment and prevention strategies.

Overall, the goal of identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases is to promote optimal health and well-being by addressing the underlying factors that contribute to disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms of a disease.

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