Testosterone Pellets



Improve mood and energy, ​improve mental acuity, ​improve libido and sexual performance, ​increase muscle mass, decrease fat, and ​reduce anxiety and depression on

BOTH men and women

  • Do you need Testosterone?

  • Are you a candidate?

  • What is the procedure?

  • ​Advantages of Pellets

  • ​Does testosterone revert aging

  • Dr. Ferro will answer all these questions on this video


  • Increased bone density

  • Relieved anxiety and depression

  • Significantly improved libido and sexual performance

  • ​Improved mental acuity and decreased mental fogginess

  • ​Increased quantity and quality of sleep

  • ​​Improved symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome

  • ​​Increased muscle mass  

  • ​Decreased fatty tissue 

  • ​​Heart protective and coronary vasodilator

  • ​​Brain protective and restored memory 

  • ​​Did not increase the risk of stroke

  • ​​Did not adversely affect the liver

  • ​​Decreased the incidence of Alzheimer’ disease

  • ​​Thickened skin and improved collagen 

For Men
For Women

Did you know that restoring your testosterone level can achieve all of this in a natural, safe and effective manner in just a few weeks after starting the treatment?

1- Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active hormone in BOTH men & women
2- You only need to come in 4 times per year.
3- The hormone is bioidentical and natural. No fillers, chemicals or additives.
4- The program is physician prescribed and supervised. We customize your therapy to ensure that you will feel energized, youthful and vibrant again.

What are testosterone pellets?
1- Testosterone pellets are a very effective form of replacing testosterone hormone in people with depleted levels or symptoms consistent with decreased levels.
2- Made with Yam or Soy products (all natural)
3- Bioidentical – exact chemical structure as what is found in our body.
4- No preservatives, binders or fillers 99.5% pure testosterone
5- Compounded not a one size fits all
6- Medication compressed into small 3 mm diameter cylinder
7- Highest sterility standards in the industry

Who is a candidate for Testosterone pellet therapy?
The short answer is anyone who has the symptoms of low testosterone:

Decreased libido

Chronic fatigue

Mental fogginess

​Decreased energy

​Poor sleep

​​Weight gain

​Decreased muscle mass

​​Irritability or mood changes

What are the benefits I can expect?

​Increased energy

Improved libido

Better sleep

​​Improved mental clarity

​Improved mood

​​Improved bone strength

​Promotes lean mass

​Cardio protective

​​Some studies linked it to less incidence of Alzheimers

What is the safety profile and or possible side effects?
-Natural, no chemicals or fillers thus very little chance of allergic reactions
-Over 7 years of experience with no significant complication or side effect
-Very rare but theoretical side effects
      Hair growth on the chin for women
      Pain or infection at insertion site
      Pellet extrusion

Why Pellets instead of injections or creams?
-Convenience factor
      Dosing every 3-4 months
      No painful weekly injections
      Creams have very poor absorption
      Creams have to be applied daily
      Caution with children (absorption thru contact)

-More physiologic effect
      Depo storage - The body consumes it as it needs it
      Better absorption
      More effective