Subcutaneous Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active hormone in BOTH men and women.  Testosterone pellets are a form of hormone replacement therapy. The pellets are roughly the size of a grain of rice, and they are implanted under the skin. These pellets contain pure testosterone that is bio-identical and 100% natural without any fillers, preservatives or additives.  They deliver a steady, low dose of testosterone for up to 4 months at a time.  The pellets are physician prescribed and supervised.  Dosing is customized and tailored to each individual person. 

What is testosterone replacement used for?
Low levels of testosterone in men and women has been shown to lead to weight gain, muscle loss, decreases in focus, memory and concentration as well as low energy.  People with low testosterone often suffer with decreased libido and are often fatigued or exhausted. 

Testosterone replacement is used to improve mood and energy, ​improve mental acuity, ​improve libido and sexual performance, ​increase muscle mass, decrease fat, and ​reduce anxiety and depression in 
BOTH men and women.

What are testosterone pellets?

  1. Testosterone pellets are a very effective way to replace testosterone in people with low levels or those with normal levels who experience symptoms of low testosterone

  2. All Natural - absolutely no preservatives, binders or fillers.  99.5% pure testosterone made from yam or soy 

  3. Bioidentical – made with the exact chemical structure as what is found in your body

  4. Compounded not a one size fits all

  5. Medication compressed into small 3 mm diameter cylinder

  6. Highest sterility standards in the industry

Why we recommend pellets rather than shots or creams

  1. Bioavailability from pellets is significantly better than creams or injections

  2. There are no added esters or other chemical transporters like those found in many creams and injectables

  3. Pellets offer the most physiologic form of hormone replace due to steady-state levels, this prevents the highs and lows seen with creams and injections and avoids hormone receptor damage   

  4. Convenience!  Application is only 3-4 times per year

  5. No painful weekly injections

  6. Creams have very poor absorption and have to be applied daily

  7. Caution with children (absorption thru contact)

  • Do you need Testosterone?

  • Are you a candidate?

  • What is the procedure?

  • ​Advantages of Pellets

  • ​Does testosterone revert aging

  • Dr. Ferro will answer all these questions on this video



  • Increased bone density

  • Relieved anxiety and depression

  • Significantly improved libido and sexual performance

  • ​Improved mental acuity and decreased mental fogginess

  • ​Increased quantity and quality of sleep

  • ​​Improved symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome

  • ​​Increased muscle mass  

  • ​Decreased fatty tissue 

  • ​​Heart protective and coronary vasodilator

  • ​​Brain protective and restored memory 

  • ​​Did not increase the risk of stroke

  • ​​Did not adversely affect the liver

  • ​​Decreased the incidence of Alzheimer’ disease

  • ​​Thickened skin and improved collagen 

For Men
For Women

Did you know that restoring your testosterone level can achieve all of this in a natural, safe and effective manner in just a few weeks after starting the treatment?

Who is a candidate for Testosterone pellet therapy?
The short answer is anyone who has the symptoms of low testosterone:

Low libido

Chronic fatigue/exhaustion

Mental fogginess

Low energy

​Poor sleep

​​Weight gain

​Decreased muscle mass

​​Irritability or mood changes


What are the benefits I can expect?

​Increased energy

Improved libido

Better sleep

​​Improved mental clarity

​Improved mood

​​Improved bone strength

​Promotes lean body mass

​Decreased risk of cardiac disease / Cardio protective 

​​Decreased risk of Alzheimer's

What is the safety profile and or possible side effects?
-Natural, no chemicals or fillers thus very little chance of allergic reactions
-We have over 7 years of experience with no significant complication or side effects

Very rare but theoretical side effects

  •       Hair growth on the chin for women

  •       Acne

  •       Pain or infection at insertion site

  •       Pellet extrusion