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Gut Health

What is it and why is it important?

When you think about the health of the gut, you are typically referring to three areas: the stomach, large intestine, or small intestine.  

Common causes of gut (i.e. gastrointestinal) problems and dysregulations: 

  • Use of Antibiotics

  • Excessive or continuous use of anti-inflammatory medications including steroids and NSAIDS

  • Illnesses and stomach bugs that target the gut including: Rotavirus, parasites and blastocystis

  • Experiencing high stress for long periods of time

  • On-going exposure to inflammatory foods 

  • High consumption of alcohol

  • High consumption of caffeine

  • Chronic heavy metal exposure

Inflammation in the stomach, small intestine, large intestine or combination of all three can predispose you to other diseases due to the inflammatory burden and resulting immune confusion/dysregulation that often occurs.

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What Foods are Right for Me?

Leaky Gut Syndrome (i.e. increased intestinal permeability) occurs when the lining of your small intestines becomes damaged and tiny food particles are able to pass through microscopic cracks that form. Healthy intestines should not leak but they can become damaged and tear if they are exposed to foods that cause them to become inflamed or any of the other offenders listed above. Once food passes to the outside of the intestines and into the bloodstream, it triggers an auto-immune reaction around your body known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.


Did you know that Leaky Gut is a common cause of weight gain?

A leaky gut leads to daily bouts of inflammation that spreads throughout your body making cells and organs sick.  One of the most common symptoms is weight gain and generalized bloating which occurs in a majority of people who suffer from Leaky gut.

Determining which foods are leaking through your gut and the extent of the reaction that each of those foods is causing in your body is the key to repairing your gut and getting on the road to health. Repairing a leaky gut has been proven to improve health, reduce fatigue, increase energy and may result in weight loss.

How do I know which foods are causing my gut to leak?

Identifying hidden food sensitivities without proper testing is impossible!  Food Sensitivities, the cause of Leaky Gut, is NOT the same as a Food Allergies!  The foods you may have allergies to are not necessarily the same as those you have sensitivities to.  Food sensitivities (long term silent inflammatory reactions) cause leaky gut NOT food allergies (immediate Histamine related reactions).  Food allergies produce an immediate response such as gas and bloating, as a result, most people know their food allergies and can avoid those foods so laboratory testing is often unnecessary.  By comparison, the intestinal tears and leaking gaps from Food Sensitivities often take days to manifest depending on your immune system.

Nutritional Assessment 

Nutrition is critical to good health.  The priority is not simply what you eat but how many of the quality nutrients you can absorb.  No matter if you are taking supplements or eating healthy food, if you do not have a healthy gut with good absorption, nutrition levels will suffer.

Did you know that both medications and supplements commonly cause nutritional depletions? For example, women who take oral birth control often suffer with low levels of B-vitamins since many oral birth control medications cause B-vitamin depletion?  Another example, biotin, a B-vitamin, often supplemented to improve hair thickness and shine and reduce thinning, competes with the absorption of alpha lipoic acid an essential fat soluble vitamin required for proper sugar metabolism and energy production.  Cholesterol lowering medications typically decrease important fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin D and CoQ10. And there are so many more examples.....which is one of the reasons that even when you eat well and take supplements, you may not have adequate nutrition levels!!....and this can put you at increased risk for developing diseases.

At BodyScience we provide comprehensive nutritional testing which consists of blood and urine measurements to determine nutrition levels, intestinal absorption, gut inflammation and it's cause, microflora levels to determine probiotic need, and measure for infections and parasites.  We provide a complete BodyScience Nutritional Blueprint for you to follow with all of the information needed to repair your gut! We offer nutrition IV's and supplements as well. 

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