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IV Therapies

Hella Blue ™

  • Category: Focus and Concentration

  • Who: anyone looking to improve performance, focus and concentration.

  • Type: Whether you are a gamer, executive or student.

  • Ingredient:  methylene blue IV


  • Category: Weight Loss

  • Who: Anyone looking to shed pounds and get in shape.

  • Type: Anyone trying to lose weight or get tighter, fantastic addition to any work-out.

  • Ingredient:  Muscle builder with fat shredder. 

Hangover Helper

  • Category: Hangover Relief

  • Who: You know who you are!!

  • Ingredient:  hydration plus vitamins and minerals


  • Category: Immune Support

  • Who: Anyone who has been sick repeatedly or needs to try to avoid getting run down.

  • Ingredient: Vitamin C, Minerals, TA1


  • Category: Mental Health

  • Who:  ketamine is indicated for depression, anxiety and PTSD

  • Ingredient: Ketamine.  

  • Administrator: anesthesiologist/MD

Reference for ALS: PharmaTher Announces FDA Approval of Investigational New Drug (IND) Application for Ketamine to Treat ALS

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