ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

The BodyScience Approach

How does our treatment work?

It's very important to understand this program is designed to improve your mobility, strength, breathing, activities of daily life, and increase your range of motion and freedom. It is not uncommon for people with ALS to suffer from pain, especially in the neck, shoulders, and back. The BodyScience approach is aimed at improving muscle strength in these areas and alleviating the discomfort that can impact your sleep and overall wellbeing. It is not a cure, but rather an effective way to substantially improve your quality of life.

For patients with caregivers, this program is great, as it often allows for easier lifting, feeding, and toileting.

Our program is individualized to your specific needs. If breathing is the area of most distress that is the area we start on.

Neuro-muscular conditions require three areas of treatment focus:

(1) nutrition to the muscles 

(2) energy to the cells, neurons, and their mitochondria 

(3) signalers to improve neuron survivability and reduce neuron death.

Treatments start on Monday and go through to Friday. Many of our patients stay for two to three weeks.


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“I am able to hold my arms up easier and my shoulders are already not as atrophied. I can lift my arms over my head with EASE NOW and I’m not leaning anymore!! I cannot be more ecstatic with my results ”

— Sunny

“With the treatment, my cervical pain has completely gone away. Low back pain has also completely disappeared.

I was practically not walking, now I can take a few steps I feel my legs much firmer. I see it on my thighs as I can now support the weight of my body”

— Dr. Miguel Piñeyrúa - physician and ALS Patient

“ALS is always progression in a bad way and with this treatment is progression in the right way. Thank you Amy and the entire team at BodyScience ”

— Justin