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ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


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The BodyScience Approach


Introducing BodyScience’s Mito-E Program and our next generation MyoRepair Program. 


The BodyScience Mito-E programs combine targeted therapies designed to restore Mitochondrial Efficiency (Mito-E) by addressing underlying mitochondrial-energy-scavengers like viruses, mold, heavy metals and chemicals while simultaneously building and restoring muscle with MyoRepair. 


We incorporate therapies that have been clinically shown to work in people with neurodegenerative disorders and stack them for the best synergistic effect.  Treatments are individualized.  Our in-depth patient classification system connects your unique symptom onset and progression with your specific exposures to create the combination of treatments best suited for you. 

We have been seeing a whole new level of change in the pALS who have come for three weeks or more.

What is Medical Chemistry / Cellular Medicine?


We are a comprehensive functional medical institute specializing in Medical Chemistry which is the area of cellular medicine that targets cellular repair. We treat all types of neurodegenerative disorders and have a special focus in ALS.


As a bridge between pure science and the practice of medicine, we utilize some of the most promising therapies, those showing the best benefit, and stack them into a unique combination for each person.  Since most neurodegenerative disorders result from damage occurring at the cellular level, our approach is aimed at restoring cellular efficiency, repairing oxidative stress and improving neuroprotection.  We understand the urgency in finding solutions and offering treatments that get results! See our Patient Stories to Learn More. 

“I am able to hold my arms up easier and my shoulders are already not as atrophied. I can lift my arms over my head with EASE NOW and I’m not leaning anymore!! I cannot be more ecstatic with my results ”

— Sunny

“With the treatment, my cervical pain has completely gone away. Low back pain has also completely disappeared.

I was practically not walking, now I can take a few steps I feel my legs much firmer. I see it on my thighs as I can now support the weight of my body”

— Dr. Miguel Piñeyrúa - physician and ALS Patient

“ALS is always progression in a bad way and with this treatment is progression in the right way. Thank you Amy and the entire team at BodyScience ”

— Justin 

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