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The Potential Role of Infections (including Lyme and others) in Motor Neuron Disease and Therapies

If you are interested on running the labs Amy mentions in the webinar, please see links and explanations below

Disclaimer: this is not intended as health advice, always follow up with your medical team. This is being provided for the purpose of education.


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Expanded Pathogen Panel and discovery session to discuss the lab report $1250

Includes over 40 infections being measured. Pathogens, whether viruses, bacteria, or spirochetes, contribute to your body’s immune load and may cause multiple autoimmune reactions. This exam takes an in-depth look into your history of exposure to pathogens that are often implicated in many “unexplained” auto immunological disorders. This is a home test kit that requires a simple finger stick,  collect at home and mail out with the pre-paid label. Results typically take 3-4 weeks. 

Educational calls to be scheduled once results are completed.

Cost: $ 1250 (US Price ONLY)

Pay link:


Add on:

Neural Zoomer / CNS Auto-antibody testing

The Neural Zoomer is an array of neurological autoantibodies which offers very specific antibody-to-antigen recognition. The Vibrant Neural Zoomer is designed to assess an individual’s reactivity to neurological antigens, which may have connections to a variety of neurologically related diseases. The Neural Zoomer is also the comprehensive compilation of multiple research studies which have identified autoantibodies associated with a range of neurological disorders, enabling early risk detection and prevention of neurological degeneration.

Cost: $ 650


Both Test and discovery session = $1900.00 (US Prices ONLY)

Pay Link:


For international orders, shipping charges are added. Please call us before ordering since prices vary.

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