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What makes us different?

About Us

We serve as the vital link between pure scientific research and the practical application of medicine.

Our functional medicine clinic is dedicated to the study of neurodegenerative diseases and the pivotal role played by the immune system in these conditions. We specialize in examining the consequences of toxification and genetic toxicity.

Our mission is to integrate clinically proven cutting-edge technologies, tailoring them to individuals with neurodegenerative disorders, in order to achieve a synergistic therapeutic effect.

We provide personalized treatments based on our exclusive patient classification system, which correlates the onset and progression of symptoms with the specific exposures of each patient. This approach enables us to determine the most suitable combination of treatments for every individual.

Amy Jaramillo (Founder)

Amy talks about health, hormones and symptoms

Amy Jaramillo - Cellular Medicine

What is Medical Biochemistry/Cellular Medicine?

Our expertise lies in the realm of cell repair, focusing on a wide range of neurodegenerative disorders, with a particular emphasis on ALS. We act as a bridge between pure scientific research and the practical application of medical treatments, blending the most promising therapies into a tailored combination for each individual.

Neurodegenerative disorders are characterized by cellular-level damage. Our approach is dedicated to revitalizing cellular efficiency, mitigating oxidative stress, and bolstering neuroprotection. We delve deep into the intricacies of cell structures, recognizing the urgency of providing effective solutions and treatments.

Medical Biochemistry, also known as Cellular Medicine, is a specialized branch of medicine that delves into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying diseases. Its focus is on developing innovative therapies to treat these conditions. It unites the principles of biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics to gain a deeper understanding of the biological processes at the root of diseases and to create more potent treatments.

Medical biochemists scrutinize the structure and function of cellular components like proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, as well as their interactions that regulate cell growth and function. They also explore genetic mutations that contribute to diseases and the mechanisms by which these mutations lead to cellular dysfunction.

Medical Biochemistry/Cellular Medicine plays a pivotal role in advancing our comprehension of the fundamental causes of diseases and in the development of fresh, innovative treatments. By incorporating cutting-edge research from biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, this field holds great promise for enhancing patient outcomes and advancing the practice of medicine.

Top 3 Reasons Our Programs Work:

#1 Clinical Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.


Amy Jaramillo, Scientific Director has spent more than 20 years in the field of neurology, neurogenetics, and neurodegenerative diseases. She has instructed in more than a thousand cases of neurosurgery in people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.


Alex Ferro, MD., Medical Director has extensive surgical experience, has performed complex surgeries for over 20 years, and can perform injections is highly vital but difficult-to-access areas, allowing for unmatched clinical results.

Homeopathic Medicine Production

#2 Purity of Medications

Composition pharmacies are the mainstay of many treatments. Most facilities do not require their compounding pharmacies to have a sterility permit or to conduct drug purity tests. More than 90% of compounding pharmacies nationwide do not test their medications for potency. This results in illness, for this reason, we insist that the medications we use have the maximum potency. We only partner with pharmacies certified for sterility and require purity levels of 99% or higher. When it comes to our Mito-E programs, we do not rely on composition and instead use the only FDA approved product ensuring that heavy metal toxins commonly found in the compound version in pharmacies have been removed.

#3 Strategic Approach

We are a team of medical scientists. We employ a methodical and comprehensive approach to work through cellular autophagy and senescence. Two critical components of our program are the evaluation of the role of the immune system in neurodegenerative syndromes and the restoration of areas that trigger ongoing inflammation, such as intestinal health. We strive to understand other body systems and work to improve overall health, such as hormonal and metabolic optimization, particularly glucose and energy metabolism. Being at the forefront of neurodegenerative diseases, we are up to date with the latest clinical trials and well informed on the newest and most advanced therapies. Our clinical staff are experts in the mechanism of action of medications and what combination therapies work best for specific conditions.

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