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Job description

Front Desk / Receptionist 
We are seeking an Office Manager / Receptionist to join our team! You will be responsible for delivering high-quality customer service to our patients. This position requires excellent communications skills, strong organizational skills, and a customer service focus. Qualified candidates must be self-motivated, well organized, and be detail oriented.

Job Responsibilities
•    Welcome customers
•    Medical Receptionist
•    Answer incoming calls, texts and messages.
•    Perform clerical work including copying, filing, mailing and other office work
•    Assure the office area, reception area and entry area are kept clean and organized.
•    Schedule new patient’s appointments and arrange appointments for follow-ups
•    Provide information on sales and promotions to walk-ins and calling customers
•    Follow up with potential customers from voice mails, social media messages, and email messages.
•    Check patients in & out
•    Charge patients and make sure appointment payments are done on time
•    Keep patient area clean and organized
•    Data entry
Job Requirements
•    At least 1-year experience as receptionist and or Office Manager
•    High School Diploma
•    Strong customer service skills capable of having professional phone conversations.
•    Solid written communication skills to follow up with patients via email, text or WhatsApp.
•    Tech-Savvy, knowledge on Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Chrome, and multitask with different applications simultaneously, like power2pracitce, RingCentral, HubSpot and lab portals.
•    Bilingual English and Spanish

For more information:
Job Type: Full-time

Salary depending on experience


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