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Maris Vizulis

You can check Maris' great story on his facebook post, we are fortunate to be part of his MND reversal

My recovery story.

Hi friends and acquaintances. I wanted to share the story of my recovery experience. I will try as short as possible, but given the many events, I think I will not be brief. I decided to share this because I was living with severe depression and suicide three years ago. At that time, the only thing that gave me at least some ray of hope and could motivate me to fight a little bit was that I was able to read the stories of someone else who had recovered despite doctors' predictions.

As long as we are healthy and there are no serious health problems, we think most of everyone is in order, but when I go this recovery process, I know there are many people who do not see any way out of their situations because the doctors They can no longer promise a recovery. As a result, I hope that with my experience, I can give one of these people a small ray of hope with which a person could start or continue their recovery story. So on your part, please share my story further so that it comes to those who can really be useful!

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