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Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient, you find here all the steps you need to follow, plus most common questions about BodyScience ALS program

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How Long Should I Stay? Priorities and Goals
How long should I stay?
How long should I stay?

In order for treatment to be effective, each person has to be kind of seen on their own ALS merits, meaning what's the personality of your ALS? How fast is it moving? What areas did it start with? And that's going to dictate treatment.

The length of time of your first treatment kinda dictates what's gonna happen next. Meaning, the longer you stay the first time and the more muscle you have when you leave, the stronger you're gonna be and the harder it is gonna be for ALS to break that muscle down over a short period of time.

How do I register?
How do I register?
How to Register
Is it a one time treatment?
Is it a one time treatment..
Is it a one time treatment?

What we do over here is build muscle, and we use a number of technologies in order to accomplish that. And that new muscle is yours for a period of time.

As far as how often people come back, or how long does it last, it depends on a couple of factors, but the number one factor is, how long did we have you for the first time, how much muscle did we build during that time, and how rapid is your progression

Depending on the rate of that change, the rate of atrophy, that's gonna give you an idea of how long to come on over for, and how frequently to come on back. 

Lo que hacemos aquí es desarrollar músculo, y utilizamos una serie de tecnologías para lograrlo. Y ese nuevo músculo es tuyo por un período de tiempo.

En cuanto a la frecuencia con la que las personas regresan, o cuánto dura, depende de un par de factores, pero el factor número uno es, cuánto tiempo lo tuvimos por primera vez, cuánto músculo desarrollamos durante ese período de tiempo y qué tan rápido es tu progresión

Dependiendo de la cantidad de ese cambio, la cantidad de atrofia, eso le dará una idea de cuánto tiempo pasará y con qué frecuencia volverá.

Where should I Stay?

To avoid any delays, these are the steps to follow

1. Start by Completing our Intake Form Click Here


2. Read the welcome letter - Click Here

3. Complete the Credit Card authorization form (a link will be provided after the Intake form is completed)

4. Once the authorization form is completed please schedule the video conference (link provided after credit card authorization is completed)


5. Once the Video Conference is completed, we will be able to schedule you for the onsite treatment.

(To learn how the video conference works, please click here)

Cómo Comenzar Tratamiento Con Nosotros:

Use este enlace para registrarce

1. Complete el formulario de admisión médica Apriete Aqui
2. Lee la carta de bienvenida Apriete Aqui

3. Complete el formulario de autorización de la tarjeta de crédito (se proporcionará un enlace después de completar el formulario de admisión).
4. Una vez que se complete el formulario de autorización, programe la videoconferencia, se proporcionará el enlace al programa en línea
5. Una vez que se complete la videoconferencia, podremos programarlo para el tratamiento. 


(Para aprender como unirse a una conferencia zoom, sigue este enlace )



We are currently located at 2251 SW 27AV. Miami FL 33145, Coral Gables area, and there are several hotels close by, you can also search for Coconut Grove, Brickell, or if driving is not a problem you can even stay in Miami Beach or other areas further away. Please call the hotels (especially the beach) and make sure wheelchair access is available. There are other options like Airbnb you can try. (Click the map to search)

There are also several websites you can research and find the best deal, below some of the popular ones

BodyScience ALS Program Basics

We understand that treatment for ALS can appear almost too good to be true, and the reality (as we’ve come to understand it) is that there’s a lot of treatments out there claiming to help ALS but turn out to be false hope and subsequently a waste of time and money. We know this because we’ve heard too many stories from those coming to our practice.
So, in order to shed as much light onto our practice, what we do, and why our protocol works, we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions from prospecting, existing, and past patients:
Q1: How do I schedule myself/a loved one to be a part of the program?
A: First, we’d love to see who wants to come to our practice through an online video call. We understand that some of you would be coming from all over the world – before asking you to make a trip over, we ask that we set up an initial consult to get the first glance of your condition, your history, and your current, highest priority goals.

To start the registration process click here..


Q2: How quickly can I expect to see results?
A: Our program isn’t an overnight success – while our therapy is rather intensive, it takes time and energy for muscles to grow and neurons to reconnect, and boy do we push them to do so! At the very least, our objective is to stop progression, getting your body from a negative progression state, to a neutral one. From there, and this where we get the most joy out of doing this kind of work, it’s all about moving forward from neutral and getting you back to having more mobility, more function, more life.


Q3: How long should I stay for the program? What’s the recommended number of weeks?
A: The longer you can stay, the more we can improve your health. That’s the bottom line. During your consult, we’ll advise you with what we believe would be the minimum amount of time necessary to leave you in the best state possible so that when you return home and are following up on our maintenance protocol, your health is left in a place where things only get better.


Q4: We’ve gone through a lot of doctors/hospitals/labs… is any of that information relevant?
A: Absolutely. Before your initial consultation, we ask you to fill out an intake form along with sending any medical records you have available. As part of our meticulous approach to understanding and treating the root cause of your health issues as they affect ALS, we’ve put together a list of comprehensive labs you are recommended to get done before coming in for our program.


Q5: Do you accept insurance?
A: Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this program but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want you to take advantage of your insurance if we could. What we recommend is that you perform as many of your labs as possible under your insurance.

Medical Tests Important for ALS

Thyroid Testing

Why: A doctor can use a blood test to check your thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol levels.

Tests: TSH, Total T4, Free T4, Total T3 y Free T3


Heavy Metal Testing
What:  A balanced look at toxic heavy metals in comparison to the trace minerals they deplete, this 24-hour analysis is the gold-standard evaluation technique  

Metals to test for: Al, Cd, Pb, Cs, Hg, Ni, As, Mg, Se, Zn and I
Why:  Many people with ALS have had exposure to heavy metals that have poisoned their motor neurons, understanding if exposure is ongoing is critical in preventing more exposure
Requirements:  24-hour urine collection
Turn-around-time:  2-3 weeks

Food Sensitivity Testing
What:  this test measures your immune system's reaction to 184 foods and spices
Why: people with ALS should reduce as much inflammation as possible including food-related
Requirement:  1 tube of blood
Turn-around-time:  2-3 weeks

3-Day Stool Testing
 An extensive look at gut health including whether your healthy bacteria are balanced, identification of gut infections including bacteria and yeast so they can be treated, overall measures of inflammation in large intestines and undigested food material
Why:  Mal-absorption of vitamins/minerals can hasten muscle atrophy.  This test can help identify the right treatment to heal your gut. 
Requirement:  stool collection for 3-days
Turn-around-time:  approximately 3 weeks

Advanced Nutritional Testing
What:  One of the most comprehensive nutritional panels available, it measures anti-oxidant levels, key vitamins in blood and unabsorbed nutrients in urine, gut overgrowth limiting nutrient uptake and a complete picture of the energy cycle of the cell which is critical in ALS.  It was a reference at the UT meeting during several of the medical lectures.
Why:  ensuring proper nutritional levels is essential to keeping neurons and muscles healthy, this allows us to create a supplementation plan that guarantees you have what you need
Requirements:  4 tubes of blood and a urine collection
Turn-around-time:   2-3 weeks 

Common Blood Test Questions


Q: what happens if the result is ready after I have finished treatment 
A:  a call will be scheduled to review lab results and discuss next steps


Q:  Can I get tested for ALS genetics, detoxification genes and tests to evaluate toxic exposures?
A: Yes, we provide testing for all of these and more. Let us know which area of testing you are interested in and we'll provide a list.

Q: What is a Core Toxic Exposure Panel?

A: a CTEP identifies chemical and industrial toxins as well as pesticides within your bloodstream.


Q: Detoxification Genetics Test?

A: Tells you how you detoxify based on your genes. This can be helpful to understand the best way to detoxify.

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