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FAQ - ALS Program

1. How do I register for the program?

Head over to our registration page and follow the steps.

2. Why Do I need a videoconference?

The videoconference is a medical consultation where we analyzed the form you filled up, any labs, medicines and any other medical records you would like to send us. You can also have other people join the conference from different places if anyone has questions or concerns.
The videoconference is not intended to provide procedural training. It is a medical consultation for the patient to make sure the treatment will be safe and effective, and the reason we ask that you have your medical history and medications list available. 
This office provides translation for English and Spanish ONLY, if you do not speak either we require that you provide a translator during the conference call and during your visit to our clinic.
The cost of the videoconference is $350

3. Who is NOT a candidate for this program?

Our therapy requires both IV and localized injections. People with a history of coagulation issues, people on blood thinners, and people with uncontrolled or elevated blood pressure are not good candidates.

4. What are the weekly program options?

Mito-E programs combine targeted therapies designed to restore Mitochondrial Efficiency (Mito-E) by addressing underlying mitochondrial-energy-scavengers like viruses, mold, heavy metals and chemicals while simultaneously building and restoring muscle with MyoRepair. 

5. How long should I stay for treatment?

In order for treatment to be effective, each person has to be kind of seen on their own ALS merits, meaning what's the personality of your ALS? How fast is it moving? What areas did it start with? And that's going to dictate treatment.

The length of time of your first treatment kinda dictates what's going to happen next. Meaning, the longer you stay the first time and the more muscle and celular repair you have when you leave, the stronger you're going to be and the harder it is going to be for ALS to break that muscle down over a short period of time.

6. Is it a one time treatment?

What we do over here is repair cells and build muscle, and we use a number of technologies in order to accomplish that. Most patients comeback every 4 to 6 months, but it all depends on your ALS and your rate of progression.

As far as how often people come back, or how long does it last, it depends on a couple of factors, but the number one factor is, how long did we have you for the first time, how much muscle did we build during that time, and how rapid is your progression

Depending on the rate of that change, the rate of atrophy, that's going to give you an idea of how long to come on over for, and how frequently to come on back. 

7. How quickly can I expect to see results?

Our program isn’t an overnight success – while our therapy is rather intensive, it takes time and energy for muscles to grow and neurons to reconnect, and boy do we push them to do so! At the very least, our objective is to stop progression, getting your body from a negative progression state, to a neutral one. From there, and this where we get the most joy out of doing this kind of work, it’s all about moving forward from neutral and getting you back to having more mobility, more function, more life.

8. We’ve gone through a lot of doctors/hospitals/labs… is any of that information relevant?

Absolutely. Before your initial consultation, we ask you to fill out an intake form along with sending any medical records you have available. As part of our meticulous approach to understanding and treating the root cause of your health issues as they affect ALS, we’ve put together a list of comprehensive labs you are recommended to get done before coming in for our program.

9. Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this program but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want you to take advantage of your insurance if we could. What we recommend is that you perform as many of your labs as possible under your insurance.

10. What is the cost?

The cost will depend on the type of treatment that you receive. 

Mito E Plus Program: $7500 - $8500 per week

11. Form of Payment

All treatments must be paid in full when medication is ordered, which is typically done when you advise us of your starting date. If your starting date is more than two weeks away, we will first ask for a $1000 deposit to secure your place. Then, once we are two weeks away from your starting date, we will order your medication in order to begin your treatment and the remaining balance is due the first Monday of treatment. We accept cash payments, all major credit cards, and wire transfers. 
There are no refunds for this program.

12. What should I bring?

Bring hard copies of all medical records, even if you have emailed them or faxed us. Bring a list of ALL medications and supplements you take and the doses as well as a list of any medical treatments you have received over the past 3 years and all information on any trials you have participated in.

13. What should I wear?

We ask that you wear shorts (athletic – the shorter the better) and a button-down shirt for men or sports bra for women. If you use a cane or walker, make sure to bring them.

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