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Amy Jaramillo

Amy Jaramillo, the visionary behind Body Science LLC, has dedicated her journey to scientific excellence in the realm of healthcare.

As the founder, her mission revolves around unearthing the foundational triggers of health syndromes. She is relentless in her pursuit to decode the intricacies of conditions like Motor Neurone Disease, Thyroid Dysregulation, Adrenal Fatigue, ADD/ADHD, Auto-Immunity, Diabetes, Leaky Gut, and Infertility. Amy's approach is resolute: identify the culprits, unveil genetic predispositions, and pinpoint exposures that underlie these conditions, ultimately effecting precise corrections. Her ultimate goal transcends mere medication; it's about delivering cures that transform lives.

A distinguished alumna of Florida State University, Amy holds a dual B.S. in Biology and Chemistry. With an impressive 21 years in the healthcare industry, she has carved a name for herself. As an esteemed member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M) since 2011, as well as a former participant in the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM), Amy showcases her commitment to continuous growth.

Her professional journey traverses the intricate landscapes of bio-genetics and bio-technology, uncovering the intricate links between genetics and disease. Furthermore, her prowess extends to the arena of brain stimulation, implantation, and neuromodulation for neuro-degenerative disease – a testament to her holistic understanding of medical advancement.

Amy's command over biochemistry, genetics, and physiology is a beacon that guides her approach to health, healing, and hormone interactions. This mastery has earned her the unwavering respect of her peers in the fields of restorative medicine and anti-aging medicine, where she is regarded as a luminary.

Epigenetics, an area where Amy thrives, has paved the path to her triumphs in personalized health. The diagnostic protocols she has meticulously crafted and developed serve as a cornerstone in the identification and reversal of damage, ushering in the restoration of health for countless individuals.

Conferences, Webinars & Podcasts

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Neurodegenerative Disease and the Role of Inflammation - March 2021

The Role of Infection in ALS -  AUG 2021

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