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MS - Multiple Sclerosis

Doctor and Patient

The BodyScience approach

How does our treatment work?

It's especially important to understand this program is designed to improve your mobility, strength, breathing, activities of daily life, and increase your range of motion and freedom. It is not a cure but rather an effective way to substantially improve your life.

For people with caregivers, this program is great, it often allows for easier lifting, feeding, and toileting.

Our program is individualized to your specific needs, if breathing is the area of most distress that is the area we start on.

Neuromuscular conditions require three areas of treatment focus:

(1) nutrition to the muscles; 

(2) energy to the cells, neurons, and their mitochondria 

(3) signalers to improve neuron survivability and reduce neuron death.

Treatments start on Monday and go through to Friday. Many of our patients stay for two to three weeks.


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