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Lyme & Tick Borne Disease

Lyme / Tick Borne Disease - Spirochete protocol


Lyme Disease is the most prevalent tick borne disease in the United States.

We are leaders in the field of Intravenous Polychromatic Light Therapy, a therapy proven to work in tick born disease. IV Polychromatic Light Therapy allows selective targeting and recruitment of specific areas of the immune system to (1) upregulate immune cells needed to destroy pathogens as well as (2) downregulate the immune system to minimize the “Herxheimer reaction”, a common detoxification reaction that occurs as the bacteria die off. 

We understand that tick born diseases can mimic the symptoms of many neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  If you have tick born disease mimicking ALS, MS or any other neurodegenerative disease, we can help.


We use a four step scientifically developed alternative approach to help people get well: 


Step 1:  Intravenous Polychromatic Light Therapy

Blood that is treated with Polychromatic UV Light

  • Reduces virus and bacterial load

  • Increases capabilities for oxygenation, by activating the 2,3, DPG enzyme system, which increases oxygen from the heme complex into the tissues

  • Enhances mitochondrial energy 

  • Stimulates lymphatic detoxification by the restoration of functional chylomicron Brownian movement within the blood

  • Activates NAD+ & immune cells such as NK Cells, neutrophils and macrophages, and assists in the balancing of cytokine production which aids in the destruction of various microorganisms, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. 

  • Reduces cytotoxic immune cells such as NK cells


Step 2: Antimicrobial Strategy

We use either (1) pulsed short-course intravenous antibiotics  or (2) natural antimicrobial agents and biofilm disrupters (for individuals who have contraindication or prefer not to use antibiotics) to break the infection capsule.   This exposes the bacteria so the immune system can recognize it and mount an immunologic response in the form of antibodies that allows for a positive test.  This is necessary to identify the specific virus or bacteria and required for SOT development.  

The reason most patients fail a traditional antibiotic-only treatment is due to the cyst or biofilm formed around the bacteria that renders antibiotics ineffective.  This cyst or capsule prevents the immune system from recognizing the organism or making antibodies to it which is one of the primary reasons for false negatives when tested for LD.    

Daily oral antibiotics (prescription or natural) can harm the gastrointestinal tract and weaken the immune system, they should be used if needed, however, pulsed short-course IV antibiotics in combination with IV Polychromatic Light Therapy eliminates the pitfalls and side effects of oral treatment. Although IV antibiotics are our preferred method, we offer an oral antibiotic provocation protocol and home test kit for individuals who are not able to come to our center.


Step 3:  Neuron Support

As a Center of Excellence in Neurodegenerative Disorders, we are very aware of the damage that these infections can cause in nervous and immune systems.  For this reason, we employ multiple neuron-protecting and immune supporting IV therapies during this time.

Step 4: SOT  / Antisense Therapy

Molecular treatment to inhibit bacteria replication (see Molecular Medicine)

If you need more information, please call us at 305-901-5888

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