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Greg at BodyScience, major improvements in speaking!
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Greg at BodyScience, major improvements in speaking!

Greg was diagnosed with ALS August 2021 at age 28. He started at BodyScience two months ago and has major improvements in speaking and walking! We targeted infections then used a strategy aimed at an astrocyte-to-motor-neuron-model of ALS to achieve these results. Approach: treat infection and target astrocyte health and acetylcholine regulation for sympathetic to parasympathetic control from the vagus nerve. We talk in depth about how we achieved such significant improvements in such a short time ----------------------------------------------- Amy: I have been developing a categorized system to group cellular changes and match therapies faster and more accurately. Astrocyte to motor neurons is one example of that grouping system which is what you saw with Greg’s improvements. Starting with the astrocyte model (which influences acetylcholine regulation, vagus nerve firing and sympathetic-to-parasympathetic systems often altered in MND), I’d like to explain astrocytes and how they are involved in ALS. Before I do that, let me say this is one of several models, the other big one is what I call the “Infected microglia ALS model”. The two groups (astrocyte vs. infected microglia) differ in ALS symptoms, progression and therapy strategies. I will list other categories at the bottom. Starting off, astrocytes play a critical role in motor neuron health or, in the case of ALS, motor neuron disease. As a presentation, this model can often start off as speech changes and rigid slow movements especially walking, however some people do not present with those symptoms. Astrocytes are actively involved in supporting and maintaining motor neurons. Without astrocytes, motor neurons can't survive. One of the ways astrocytes become damaged is through exposures to chlorine, fluorine and bromine. Ever since Maris’ reversal about a year ago (he was reversal #2 and his motor neuron disease was largely the result of polychlorinated biphenyl exposure (chlorine compounds known as PCBs)) and Epstein Barr Virus, I have been working on understanding this model. Unexpectedly, it has led me to uncover ALS clusters in areas with high concentrations of per and poly fluorates (PFOAs and PFAS) as well as per and poly chlorates (including perchlorate and PCBs). As a side note, please test your water! If you have elevated levels of chlorinated, fluorinated or brominated chemicals, filter them out of your drinking and shower water immediately! It was one of the first recommendations we made to Greg and Maris. As per FDA requirements and guidelines, I would like to state that our therapies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements I have made do not claim to mitigate, treat, cure of prevent any specific disease or class of diseases. BodyScience 5975 Sunset Drive Suite 100 South Miami FL 33143 PHONE: 305-901-5888 email: ALS Page Registration FB Group Youtube
AWESOME!! Donnie can lift both legs again!!!