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Chaperone 1

Support the digestion of fats
Provides gall salts
Reduces oxidative stress 

Chaperone 1 is composed of bile salts, SOD, and catalase. This is used to improve the ability of butyrate to move into the cells as it can function as a heat shock protein. SOD binds to molecules of copper and zinc to break down toxins

Chaperone1 Front.png

Digestive Enzyme 1

Reduces intestinal inflammationSupports healthy and complete elimination Promotes healthy bile flow 

Are you looking to support your digestive system? Have you been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or SIBO?

Digestive Enzyme 1 Front.png


Eliminates toxins.
Reduces inflammation.
Reduces inflammatory symptoms.

Nutritional Support for Detoxification and Metabolic Clearing Functions.  This shake can be used by itself for on-going daily detoxification support or in combination with P5.0 30-Pack.  Designed for the rigorous demands of MTHFR enzyme reduction.

Detrox Shake P5.0 Front.png


Supports healthy recovery
Enhances exercise performance
Supports the body during and after exercise

MitoBoost’s ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a patented form of ATP that enhances muscular growth, power, strength, and improves recovery. 

MitoBoost Front.png

Digestive Enzyme 2

Reduces intestinal inflammation
Supports healthy and complete elimination
Supports healthy protein breakdown 

Are you suffering from chronic inflammation? BiomeIQ’s Digestive Enzyme 2 with Bromelain is an effective digestive enzyme that decreases inflammation. 

Digestive Enzyme 2 Front.png

Extreme Aminos

Supports healthy muscles as you age. 
Strengthens and supports muscles. 
Supports muscle health during exercise and improves recovery

BiomeIQ’s Extreme Aminos uses amino acids to help support muscle synthesis. By combining amino acids, in the proper ratio, Extreme Aminos works to support muscle strength, improve muscle function and prevent muscle loss from inactivity or aging.
Amino acid effectiveness is boosted when taken before exercising

Extreme Aminos.png
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